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First Mountain Introduction
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The Kingdom of First Mountain began in 1996 when company founder and CEO, Haidi Chen, Charle Chen
Jack Chen, rooted the headquarter in Shenzhen and formed Shenzhen First Mountain . Operations quickly
expanded and the Company earned a reputation for innovation, while focusing on providing customers with
state-of-the-art waterfall lighting products and service. Today, First Mountain is a world leader of waterfall
pictures with approximately 1,000 employees and four subsidiaries in China and the U.S. American First
Mountain is the first who introduce waterfall pictures to the U.S. market. It's been very successful in
developing and marketing “FIRST” brand name, and gaining its credibility and market share for its
first-class products and services. Shenzhen First Mountain and Zhongshan First Mountain are China based
manufacturers with import and export capabilities. They satisfy the needs from the huge Chinese market
place, and deliver products and services to customers worldwide. As a significant milestone, i n 2004, First
Mountain Group made a major investment in building First Mountain Industrial Development Zone . The facility
takes up 200,000 square meters located in the beautiful coastal city, Zhuhai , China . It will become the largest
waterfall pictures and electronic calendars production base in the world.

2000 established Zhongshan First Mountain
Throughout its 10 years history, First Mountain has demonstrated its entrepreneurial spirit by
achieving significant industry firsts:
  • ●  First to introduce waterfall pictures to the U.S. market
    ●  First worldwide waterfall picture manufacturing and distributing network
    ●  First place in production capability in the industry
1996 established Shenzhen First Mountain
2001 established Yiwu Fist Montain   
2002 established U.S.A. Fist Montain
2003 established Zhuhai Fist Montain
2005 established Guangzhou Fist Montain
2005 established Ocean International (ShenZhen)Freight Co., Ltd

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Company Introduction
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