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  30 W tube 98x45 (30W/T8 straight tube 30W)
  13W tube for 65x45 (13W/T5 straight tube 13W)
  21W tube or 65X45 (13W/T5 straight tube 13W)
  32W tube for SGA/SG/55x44/45x30 (32W/T5 round tube 32W)
32W tube for SGA/SG/55x44/45x30 (30w/T5 egg tube 32W)
  22W tube for MC (22W/T5 egg tube 22W)
  12W tube for 30.5x24/TC (12W/T5 round tube 12W)
  9W tube for STC (22W/T5 egg tube 22W)
  Speaker For Waterfall/Waterfall Sound
  Waterfall And House Sound
  Speaker For SIKH Music
  Speaker For Muslim Music
  Speaker For Wolf Music
  Becch Sound/Sea-gull and Beach sound/Wave striking reef
  Speaker For SIKH Music
  Motor Baffle For98x48/65x45
  Motor Baffle For Slimmer

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Company Introduction
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